Highlights of summer art (sneak peek 36)

Although the heat has my watercolours and crayons melting, I still manage to remain faithful to my drawing routine.

The first part of the short comic I have been working on is now ready, leaving me plenty of time to experiment and try different styles and materials.

For the past weeks I practiced watercolours, pencil sketches, markers and every other medium I could find on my desk. I am very satisfied with the results which I now present you:



Let’s start with the basics! Simple anatomy practice using ancient greek statues as reference. Having a statue as a model always worked great for me because the lines I see are so defined that I easily can put them on the paper. The sculptor has already done the process of deciding which parts and characteristics are the most recognisable and define the form best.


Those are little sketches not serving any particular purpose. I like sketching various characters from imagination trying to make them look unique and captivate their possible personality.



This is a colour and lighting practice. I have been trying for a while to understand how colours work and which combinations are ideal. Lighting is one of the most important factors in a drawing. It really makes the atmosphere and the vibe the artist wants to emote.



Film noir! How could I resist? It’s my first ever attempt to use ink alone in a drawing and in various tones. I fell in love with the way it can be used for shadows and I totally intent to use it again soon in a similar way. I want to make the most out of this technique!



Character design for a character I used in a comic which I gifted to my mother! Fairytale inspired!



Continuing my love for neon lights, I digitally drew this. It’s a part of a ‘draw this in your style’ competition on Instagram organised by a dear friend (more about her work here )

That’s all for today! I plan to post more right after I come back from my summer vacation! Stay tuned!


A sneak peek to my sketchbook #35


At last, I managed to escape the summer laziness and get some work done!

In the past weeks I did watercolours, sketches, digital art, a short comic and as many art related things I could!

I will soon make a separate post about the two short comics I worked on, but for the time being let’s look at the individual drawings!



Quick doodle with Micron pens that ended up portraying the brooding «bad boy» from any occasional romcom ever. I like it though!



The most 60’s thing I have ever drawn! I can’t say that I particulary like this decade’s fashion but I needed to practice on colour palettes. And in which other decade could such an outfit originate?

In general, my current art struggle is colouring. I try to figure out how to use it properly instead of just throwing whichever colours I think look nice together. Colours’ purpose is to ‘complete’ the artwork, to bring out to the surface its best traits and also display atmosphere and emotion (also it serves in million – and more important – other purposes).

So, I really want to add such a powerful ‘tool’ in my skills. In order to achieve that I have been studying colour theory, reading some wonderful texts by Kandinsky and of course practicing my mind out!



Watercolours! I referenced this by a painting I found in a book. Sadly I couldn’t find the artist’s name so if anyone seems to recognize the style I’d be glad to know who it is! His work looks incredible and I’d love to see more of it!

Anyway this can also be considered colour practice. The line between warm and cold tones and colours is very clear and I love how blue is used to draw the attention and show of the dress.

Bonus points for the vintage aesthetic!



This one was drawn with markers. «A charming young man, capable of being terrible». That’s how Enjolras is described in Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’, one of my favourite books, and honestly I haven’t ever found a description more accurate or poetic.

(he also happens to have a palette that consists by the three main colours, making him great practice. At least that’s what I say when they ask my why I draw him so much)


neon xamilo

Digital art! I kept the best for the end! I recently discovered how to digitaly draw neon lights and I can’t get enough of it! It’s so addicting! You ‘ll definitely see more of it in the future as I will draw neon lights until I get bored of them (spoiler alert: never)!


That’s all for today! Have an eye open as I will soon post about the projects I mentioned!

Have a great week! (it’s almost over anyway)!




A sneak peek to my sketchbook #34

As June comes gradually to an end, I decided to post some of my recent work.

If you follow me on Instagram perhaps you aready know that this month I have been working on a new comic. It’s a short story about a mysterious Angel who resides in a post apocalyptic city and a young florist whom he meets. I plan to have it ready by the end of the summer!

Being busy with this project I didn’t have time for other extraordinary art things, so the drawings that follow are mostly sketches.

Don’t worry though because I will soon post some concept art I have been working on for a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina!

Now let’s have a look at today’s art:



Sketch practicing poses. I apologise for the bad quality of pictures but I came across some technical difficulties.



I have been using a History of Fashion book to provide me with references and I have to say it was a really good decision. Practicing fabric folds and poses with one shot!



I love those classy 50’s outfits so much!



It is also a fact that I love musicals! «Wicked» is one of my favourites and Glinda’s costume in the first number of Act II is the best in the show!



Anyone remembers my obsession with early 20th century’s cabaret costumes? This love is now revived, especially because Moulin Rouge opens in broadway next month!



That’s a simple anatomy practice. I didn’t use any reference and I am very pleased with how it turned out!


Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (428)

A scenery painting concept art for the Thumbelina comic I mentioned above! I will soon post the finished piece!

That’s all I have for today! I hope you liked my art! Don’t hesitate to leave comments or constructive criticism!

Stay tuned for more!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #33


As I promised in my latest post, today’s entry includes more of the «suggestion doodles», quick drawings requested by my Instagram followers. It’s a great way for me to expand my drawing comfort zone and practice at the same time. There’s also a surprise drawing in the end of the post!

Here follow the doodles:



We begin with a sketch of Scarlet Witch! I am not the biggest Marvel fan but the franchise is quite interesting!



Ling Yao from the manga Fullmetal Alchemist (and my favourite character ever). It’s an amazing story with even more amazing characters and I 100% recommend it to anyone. There’s also an anime adaptation which is really faithful to the original work.



Me doodling with a pen, a rare sight!



Practicing action poses! The facial expression didn’t turn out as expected but I am very pleased with the rest of the body. Warriors were never my specialty!



It doesn’t matter how hard I try, but I ‘ll never escape drawing mythology related things. This sketch of Hermes is based on a marble statue (which looks a lot better than my drawing).


kiss me

Colour? In my blog? After all this time?

This is the surprise drawing! «Surprise» because even I was surprised when I decided to do digital after not having touched my tablet for months. I have a difficulty with colour coordination and this one was an attempt to familiarise myself with different colour schemes and light sources. The drawing is not finished yet but I post it anyway. I was inspired by the broadway soundtrack of «Sweeney Todd» and specifically the song «Kiss me», hence the scene depicted.

kiss me



That’s all for today! If you liked my art every comment, follow, constructive critisism or feedback is much appreciated! My Instagram account for those interested in my work is @annabotsou. I am also on Twitter ( @BBotsou ) and on Facebook!

Stay tuned because my summer art plans are wild!

Have a great week!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #32


Today I post some sketches I did to practice hand anatomy and shading. I struggle a lot with drawing hands and always hiding them in pockets or behind backs when I draw is sadly not a solution to the problem! So I rolled up my sleeves, found some really good references and spent a whole afternoon sketching nothing else but hands (it was really boring but helped me a lot)!

Here are my skeches:


I used my own hands for some of the sketches because not every possible pose can be found online (and they don’t need internet to be avalaible)!

Another thing that I struggle with is shading and defining light sources in drawings. I tried to tackle this issue with the following pencil drawings but I still have a lot of way to go!


The man is Corto Maltese, but the panels on the right were indeed drawn for practice (I swear)! I am currently working on a short comic involving a lot of perspective and shading, so I think that would be a good practice. (Just forcing myself to get better so I can live up to my expectations for this comic).

That’s all for today! I will soon post more of my art and maybe something digital and colourful (at last)!

Stay tuned!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #31

Hello everyone!

As I promised in my latest post, today I upload some pencil sketches I did.

I have been trying hard to expand my drawing comfort zone and recently I discovered a new way to gradually achieve this. I started to have «doodle suggestion» days in which I draw whatever my Instagram followers request. I make quick pencil sketches of their suggestions and post them in my Instagram stories. It’s a great way to practice drawing quickly and it also gives me the opportunity to draw things that I would never choose on my own, such as cars, animals or unknown characters.

The following creations have all been suggested by my folowers in my latest «doodle session»!



Surprised gentleman!



Loki! I have never been a devoted Marvel fan but I do enjoy the movies and find Loki’s character design pretty intriguing.



Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter! I tried to draw a different version of the chracter not that similar to actor Tom Felton who played Draco in the movies. I still tried to maintain some of the characters basic traits, such as the cocky grin.



Robert Downy Junior as Tony Stark! He has very interesting facial features and although I had never drawn him before, I quite enjoyed it!

As you probably have already understood, this post was mainly focused on requested character portraits. My upcoming post will also feature drawings I did for another «doodle session»!

So stay tuned!

Have a nice week!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #30

Hello everyone!

The past few weeks have been very interesting for me as I decided to expand my drawing comfort zone. I tried new materials, techniques, practiced anatomy and many other things. Today I ‘d like to share with you some results of all those «experiments»!

One of the techniques I tried was using a white pen over a black surface to draw highlights or give a more atmospheric tone to the artwork. Hugo Pratt’s work with similar techniques was my main inspiration.

Let’s have a look at the art!



I started with something simple, a silhouette drawing. I am very fond of shadows because they can give all the information without unnecessary lines and without overdoing it. Also it’s a really good motive to study anatomy!



In this one I added the details with a white gel pen. I like the outcome but I think that it would be even better with a defined light source. For those wondering, the boy is JD from Heathers (at least that’s who I had in mind while drawing this).



This is my second attempt to add the details that way. Maybe I overdid it with the extra lines but I find her really pretty!



Some archetypes! The mysterious hooded person, a wealthy lady in formal clothing and a grumpy teen. The last one is my favourite!



For the end, a pencil sketch I did while trying to learn how to draw some more complicated poses. He looks like a nice dude!

That’s all for today. My next post will be uploaded soon, around Monday – Tuesday and it will feature some anatomy practice drawings! Stay tuned for more!

Have a great week! (three days until it’s weekend, we can do this)!


A sneak peek to my sketchbook #29

Hello and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

I haven’t posted in a while but I have been gathering my drawings and I am now ready to share them with you! This post will feature my digital art from those weeks!

Let’s have a look!



Vintage woman in black and white. I never actually finished this but I was aiming for a film noir atmosphere. Maybe one day I will post the finished version



As you probably have realised I love literature and I never miss an opportunity to draw classic characters. This time it was Eponine from Les Miserables.


treasure planet

As I also love animated movies, this was my tribute to the underrated Disney film «Ttrasure planet».

That’s all for today! I will also post my traditional drawings this week so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #28


I know I have been inactive for a while but now I am back to show you some of the art I made those past weeks! So, let’s begin!



Starting with the simple and traditional art! Here’s a quick study that I did of princess Jasmine while rewatching «Aladdin» for the millionth time.



Quick sketch of Grantaire from «Les miserables»



Hermes. I drew this with one of his marble statues as a reference




This is a clothing chart I did for one of the heroes of my comic book!



Another portrait of one of «Les miserables» character, Enjolras.



And I digitally coloured it because he’s my favourite character!



That’s another portrait I did of him earlier this month. If you ask me, I prefer the previous one.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned because I will soon post more of the art I did those days! Also if you liked my work feel free to follow my blog or follow me on Instagram (@annabotsou)!

Have a great week!

«The buried manuscript»

Hello everyone,

In today’s post I want to announce a big achievement!

As some of you probably know, I am a member of the Ηοmo Ludens group, a team specifying on filmmaking and volunteering. ( Homo Ludens )

Last Octomber some of the members, including myself, started an animation project as an entry for the Student Video Competition organised by the Jewish Museum of Athens with the topic «The Holocaust and Greek Jews».

We made a short animated movie telling the story of Marcel Nadjari, a Greek jew who after his arrival at Auswitch – Birkenau, became a member of the Sonderkommando group. It was a work unit comprised by prisoners assigned with the task to guide the others to the gas chambers and carry their bodies to the crematoriums.

Nadjari revealed his experience by writing a manuscript in letter form, one of the nine manuscripts found buried in the yard of the camp’s crematoria. These manuscripts are known as the “Scrolls of Auschwitz” and Nadjari’s is the only written in Greek. Nadjari was one of the few survivors of the Sonderkommando.

The manuscript was found in the 80’s and after being restored it was published as a book. From that book we took the inspiration to bring this story to life through the animation technique.

We wrote the script and immediately started animating. It was a difficult task, not only due to the shortage of time but also due to the emotional impact of such a subject. We thankfully finished the work on time and sent our entry to the competition.

Now, almost four months after the movie was completed, we finally got the results. Our movie «The buried manuscript» was one of the five films who won first place at the competition!

We are beyond excited that our hard work was recompensated and really proud that we have a chance to sensitize the people and raise awareness about the Holocaust and its tragic impacts.

You can watch the movie here: The buried manuscript

The movie was animated using the Krita software and the Wacum intuos pro tablet.

The script was written by the ensemble of the team: Ioanna Griva, Electra Smiri, Alkis Mourikis, Anna Botsou (me) and the animation was done by Alkis Mourikis and me. Also special thanks to our professors, Despoina Bakirtzoglou and Petros Mougios, who were in charge of this project and helped us in every possible way!

It was an honour being a part of this and I look forward to all our future projects!