Πλάτωνας και Οφήλια #96



A story of poetry and roses

The other day, I was thinking about my work and my comics, all the stories I want to tell and share with the world. As I was doing so, I realized that many of  my ideas, will never come into the light, just because the story arc can not incorporate them. It is sad, knowing that some wonderful thoughts will never be able to reach other people. So, I decided that I could share them here, in a short story form, accompanied by my illustrations.

The story I want to share today, is a story of poetry and roses…

My greek readers, might be familiar with my comicstrip «Platonas and Ophelia» featuring a group of angels in Paradise (My comics). One of my beloved characters is the Poet.

The Poet

In the comicstrip he is mostly a secondary character, the protagonist’s best friend. He is an lonesome artist, a gentleman and a very sensitive man. Always kind and hard working, it would be a shame, not being able to tell his touching story.


~ A story of poetry and roses ~


This story is a tale of passion and romance, narrating the forbidden love between an immortal angel and a mortal girl.

The Poet is a young, talented angel, living in Paradise, obsessed with his work, who has no friends for his only company are his poems and his books.

He is a lover of the words, a true master of literature, being able to touch even the coldest heart. Nothing interests him but to serve his muse and write… Solitude is his guide and companion. Being fascinated from the world which he has created, the Poet ignores everything, everyone. He doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, he only writes wanting to satisfy his thirst for creation.


But one day, inspiration disappears! The brilliant artist has nothing to write on his paper. His pen doesn’t play with the ink. The words don’t match. This incapability drives him crazy, making him mad with the lack of inspiration. Being in rage, he abandons his ethereal home and resorts to earth.

November 1889. Paris looks magnificent in the cold. The Seine is calm, the roads quite. The Poet wanders from street to street, from window to window looking for something! Something to bring the inspiration back. A muse!

It’s a song that catches his attention. A lullaby, sang by a beautiful woman’s voice. Following the music, the Poet founds himself in a small home’s garden. The plants may be dead due to the bitter cold, but a lady sits on the old fountain’s mantel.

She is beautiful. Young and innocent she touches the dead braches of a rosebush, singing with melancholy about the lost beauty of spring. The Poet is speechless, his breath is taken away by this lovely muse of Olympus. A muse! All he ever wanted!

Being invisible to her, the Poet approaches silently. The girl still sings like if she was trying to give life to the sere flowers. She doesn’t seem bothered by the cold. The Poet is astonished for never in his lonely existence he had ever found a creature so delicate and fragile. In his mind poems start forming, praising her beauty.


So, in this small garden inspiration strikes him again! Like if he was spellbound he approaches more, still invisible to the girl and sits by her side. He touches the dead flower she holds and at once in a inexplicable way it regains its colours and comes back to life.

She gasps in awe and turns her head to the side only to see the Poet, whose invisibility no longer occurs, smiling to her. In a gentle way he offers her the rose which she had previously dropped. The girls seems confused by his wings and appearence but they both know. It took only a glance to find love.

In this way, Christine becomes his muse. The Poet stays in earth and every day they meet in the same place in the garden. Under the rosebush that is now fully blossomed. He writes about Christine, having regained his precious ability. They are madly in love, althought that this is not permitted.

They know. They know that their meetings in the garden shouldn’t be continued. But they ignore. In the most innocent way, they spend the afternoons together. Him writing, her singing, but being together. They want and intent to keep this going on forever. No one thinks of death in such joyfull moments.



But then comes the time of the parting. Having written many poems, the Poet wants to visit the Paradise one last time to put his thoughts in order. He wants to read all his poems again, before leaving from there for ever. They both want a life in common in earth. Angel and mortal together, for no one fears of death. But they don’t know the price of their actions…

They arrange to meet again in three days, in the garden. The parting is hard. Like if they knew, they spend their last night together. Their first and last passionate night. Christine wakes up alone in an empty bed, for Poet has already left.

No one considered the effects of their actions. The price that they would have to pay. In Paradise, time passes slowly. So slow that a day in Paradise could be many months for a mortal. I wish I could say that this is all. But no. The price for a mortal who surpasses their subsistence is death. And having touched angel flesh and being kissed by angel lips, no one could escape from their fate. Christine passed away calmly in her sleep, a day before her meeting with the Poet.

The Poet remained unnoticed, surrounded by his piles of books and poems. With time passing slowly he didn’t even realise. He always thought of having plenty of time ahead of him. When found in his ethereal home again, his fascination and thirst for writing reappeared. He is still there. Writing, praising the woman he loves, always waiting for that day to come, not knowing that his muse is dead, nothing more but ashes under a cold tombstone.



That was my story for today! I would be glad to know your opinion in the comments! Did you like it? Would you like me posting such stories more often? Let me know!

Have a nice weekend!


Πλάτωνας και Οφήλια #92


Ο Πλάτωνας επιστρέφει δυναμικά! Και ύστερα από τόσο καιρό, νομίζω ήρθε η ώρα να αρχίσουμε να ξετυλίγουμε και το κουβάρι της ζωής του Ποιητή! Μείνετε συντονισμένοι και (ιδίως οι πιο ευαίσθητοι) φέρτε χαρτομάντηλα!

Επίσης συγγνώμη για την έλλειψη νέας ιστορίας την Πέμπτη, αλλά για μια ακόμη φορά οι υποχρεώσεις με νίκησαν.

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Καλή βδομάδα!

A sneak peek to my sketchbook #12

Happy (belated) St Valentine’s!

It was finally time I made a post about my most recent drawings! I have been/will be quite busy this month as I have a lot of work concerning some (not art related) projects, but I managed to find some time to draw!

So, let’s see what I ‘ve got!


Some character desing (mostly practice)! Proportions are not perfect, altought I struggled a lot, but it was the best I could do after having studied hard for a test! (half page of mathematics and your head starts spinning around)


Some random characters! I can never resist drawing sassy boys in tuxedos, or nice curly hair! Another study that was done at almost midnight. (guess what I have been studying before)!


At last something coloured and complete! This drawing may be an oldie, but in my opinion is good (except maybe proportions)! This is my favourite shade of green! The total outfit was inspired by Mata Hari’s appearence during her shows!


Peter Pan! It’s one of my favourite books and after rereading it, I really wanted to draw this scene! «You can fly Wendy»!

5. IMG_20180201_202046.jpg

Last week’s drawing of which I am really proud! I coloured it using watercolours, a technique that I don’t think I master, but I am absolutely pleased with this attempt’s result! You may remember the sketch version of this scene I had posted before. Hopefully it will be featured in my comic story! (and if you want the appropriate soundtrack, I have been listening to «All I ever wanted» from Dreamwork’s «Prince of Egypt» while drawing)!


Another sketch, what a surprise (even the lady agrees)! This is a recent character design and the oh-so-surprised girl will be part of my comicbook (one day) too!


Last but not least, the piece I finished today! Happy St Valentine’s from the Sherwood forest! It’s a tale as ols as time and a classical romance, Robin Hood’s and Maid Marian’s lovestory was always an inspiration to me!

Until the next time, have fun! My best wishes and happy Carnaval (to those who live in Greece)!!!